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"THE SMARTEST GUYS ON THE INTERNET." - Ice Cube This is the closest I've come to corporate extortion. In 15-days, four dudes with no affiliation to Goodyear or Ice Cube crowd-sourced over $25,000 to convince Goodyear to fly a lyric from Ice Cube’s “It Was a Good Day” on their iconic blimp. By doing so, Goodyear made it a 'good day' for a wonderful South Central youth charity. I'll never forget standing next to Cube reading his name on a blimp repeating to himself "This is crazy... This is crazy." It was indeed crazy.

Here's how the story unfolded on Twitter.
Goodyear invites Ice Cube to ride the blimp.
We hid lyrics from the song into this poster. People who donated $50 or more to the project received them. Ice Cube even agreed to sign 50 of them. 

CNN  "These guys want to make Ice Cube's good day the best day. For everyone."
Time  "Someone Wants To Make Ice Cube’s Good Day Blimp a Reality."
Buzzfeed  "Reserve a spot in hip- hop heaven."
Fast Company  "The blimp will not say "Ice Cube's a pimp" but rather "It's a Good Day." You can't expect too much from an image-conscious corporation."
LAist  "Goodyear Blimp Offers To Celebrate His 'Good Day'"
DigiDay  "Jan. 20 Will Be a Good Day"
AV Club  "Some delightfully demented souls have decided to crowd-source $25,000."

LA Times  "The message on the blimp may be different, but today is still a “good day.”
Huffington Post  "Cube said. “I never knew that 20 years later, people would still be this interested in the song and the lyrics, and that the song would do something this special for some good kids.”
Time  "Goodyear And Ice Cube Team Up To Fly “Good Day” Blimp In LA."
CNN  "Seriously. It actually happened."
Complex  "For anyone who's ever dreamed to see Ice Cube's name on the Goodyear Blimp, well, today is a good day."
XXL Mag  "Ice Cube Finally Got His Name On Goodyear Blimp."
Agency Spy  "The ‘Good Day Blimp’ Project Comes to Fruition."
CBC  "On Monday, the 22nd anniversary of what many fans believe was the true "good day," Ice Cube presented A Place Called Home with a cheque for $25,000 US."
LA Weekly  "Today Goodyear flew its blimp over South Central L.A. "
Creativity  "The whole thing was a success."
VIBE  "Ice Cube Raises 25K For Charity, Finally Gets Love From Goodyear Blimp"

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